Season One

Founding member Scarla Maim coached the league through their first season, consulting extensively with Helen Wheels and Congdon to get the league not just rolling, but playing the sport. They continued to work on their training and build on their derby skills until eventually a training committee was formed and small teams were chosen. With a booth at the Slam City Jam, and a shared booth with the already established Edmonton Oil City Derby Girls at the 2006 Calgary Tattoo Convention, they were able to recruit new players and begin practicing real game play.

The league’s first public game took place at the 2007 Tattoo Convention in teams that were mixed from girls on CRDA’s three teams, into two scrimmage teams: the Bloody Marys and the Black Sabbathas.

One year of hard work and practicing later, the Calgary Roller Derby Association hosted their first friends and family bouts at Legacy Sports to adjust to playing in front of a crowd. The teams that existed at this time were the Thrashin’ Lassies, the Cut Throat Car Hops and the Girl Grinders.

After that, the league started to gain their footing in Calgary and began hosting regular practices at Legacy Sports and D9 at Currie Barracks. It quickly became apparent that the league was not large enough quite yet to support three teams, and the decision was made to absorb the Girl Grinders into the other two existing teams. The original two teams, the Thrashin’ Lassies and the Cut-Throat Car Hops, are still in play today.

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