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CRDA is always recruiting! We welcome women over 18 of all levels who have a positive attitude to join us as Fresh Meat skaters. As well, we are recruiting for Team Officially Awesome - this gang of men and women are our refs and non-skating officials. We usually do intakes in the spring and early fall, so visit our Facebook page, or email us at to get in on the action!

  • What is Fresh Meat?

    That's our affectionate name for new skaters. Over the course of three to six months, we have a weekly class to teach you the ropes. Everyone starts there, then once you are ready, we have a standard skills test to make sure you can be safe on the track. Once you graduate, you become "Smash Squad": meaning you are a full league member, will attend all league practices and can scrimmage and be eligible to be drafted to a home team. Drafts happen throughout the year depending on need.

  • How soon can I play?

    We'll be honest... it usually takes a solid six months before you are ready to play on a team. It's important to us that you learn to skate safely, so we will never rush you into a game before you are ready. Once you pass the WFTDA minimum skills test, you can then begin scrimmages with the league, and become eligible to be drafted to a team.

  • What is Fresh Meat like?

    It is tough. It’s fun. It’s exhausting. It’s exhilarating. Each weekly class is a mixture of building your endurance and strength on skates, and teaching you all the skills you need…like stopping quickly. As skaters progress, the classes get tougher and you start learning more about how to play this awesome game. Usually, your fellow freshies will become a pretty tight-knit group.

  • Do I need experience to join?

    Skating experience is awesome, but we will teach you the skills you need. If you have skated ice, inline or roller before, you will likely make the transition pretty quickly. If you are completely new to skating, we recommend going to Lloyds Roller Rink and renting a pair of skates to check it out. Ideally, you would come into our training program being able to skate forward and backwards a bit, and be able to stop yourself safely. The most important thing is coming to roller derby with a willingness to learn and be coached, and enthusiasm to volunteer and get involved with the league.

  • Is it expensive?

    The Fresh Meat program averages $30-40 per month. You will also need annual insurance which is $50. We highly recommend that you have an extended benefits plan as well. A full kit of gear starts at about $300 and goes up from there. Once you graduate, monthly dues are currently $50 per month.

  • What other opportunites are there?

    You can join Team Officials! We always looking for referees and NSOs (non-skating officials) and we are recruiting year-round. We just need enthusiasm, willingness and commitment to learn! Sometimes, folks start off as officials and move into skating, but many people fall in love with officiating, and will follow that path in derby. As a CRDA dedicated official, we will support you to get your WFTDA certification and possibly even travel to tournaments or championships.

  • Tell me more about the game...

    Check out for great summaries of how derby is played! There is also lots of great video on that site... including our All Stars from their bronze medal performance at 2016 Champs!

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So, what do I do now if I want to play? Email us at and we'll put you on the list for the next intake. Next, go see a game! Until the next intake, we encourage you to skate as much as possible. You can rent skates for a night at Lloyds Rink, or get your own gear online at, or stop by Nerd Skates in Inglewood. To play derby you need: helmet, mouth-guard, knee, elbow and wrist guards. And of course, quad skates. There are lots of great paths to skate outdoors in Calgary, and you'll find some of us at the skate parks as well.  YouTube has some great starter videos. If you are super-keen, check out WFTDA's website for lists of the rules and our minimum skills test.