The Thrashin’ Lassies are a group of kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing, haggis-eating animals. These ladies will knock you on your arse, then help you up, buy you a pint, then knock you down again. This boisterous gang of upstarts is also skilled at breaking hearts, and other body parts, if the situation calls for it. Victory is the only option for the die hard Lassies and the only way to go down is to go down fighting! This little clan of whoop ass packs a huge punch and they are known for their aggression, hard hitting play, and “do or die” attitudes.

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Meet your Thrashin Lassies

Rolling Blackout

Iva Whip

Hayami Vice


AnNa Molly

Scarla Maim


Top Heavy





Molly Bang

Preacher's Slaughter

Sonia Blayde

Flame Throw Her


Anne Narky

Kris Myass

Shark Bait