It takes an army of volunteers to make Roller Derby happen. Our derby family have roles on and off the track. From making sure that the game proceeds safely and smoothly, ensuring all those penalties are tracked (oops), and keeping the audience engaged and excited - we are grateful for these volunteers.
In addition to the folks featured below, thank you to the many volunteers, skaters and spouses who give up their time for derby!

Officially Awesome - Referees

Without our officials - we'd just be skating in circles. We're so lucky to have such a talented crew, armed with stacks of WFTDA certifications, and patches from all the tournaments they have been invited to officiate.


Sweet Justice


Squid Vicious

Head Ref

Short Fuse

Officially Awesome - Non Skating Officials

This crew is immediately identifiable as the folks with clipboards and whistles, and and intense gaze. In other words, they are ones who really know what's going on. Our NSO's are the ones that keep the game moving and make sure there are stats afterward!

Agent of Wheeled

Vanessa Robert

Mask Her Raid

Kitty Kitty JerkFace

Snow Mercy

Head NSO

Herbie Hind


Dottie Darko


Our derby “mouths” – these dedicated volunteers rock the mic to keep our fans excited and engaged in the game. They are a combo of engaging personality and stats nerd, and their favourite phrase is “… it could go either way…”

Big Ugly Jim


Head Announcer