2015 marked the return of the CRDA Jane Deere. Long-time fans will remember the Janes, so we were excited to re-introduce the Jane Deere as CRDA’s B level travel team. The Janes are known for both their hard hits and their impromptu dance parties on the track. Get R Done!   See what the Deeres are up to on Facebook and Instagram

Meet your CRDA Jane Deere

Baby Slice

Brass Monkey

Cannon Buchanan

Harley Havoc

Iva Whip



Kris Myass

Loch MadNess


Lush Luthor


Margaret Thrasher

Mask Her Raid

Molly Bang

Muffy Del Taco

Norwegian Blue

Punchkin Phi

Rogue Rash

Sailor Moonshine


Sonia Blayde

Thrashin Tash