Calgary Roller Derby (CRD) operates by the members, for the members. We promote teamwork and dedication to advancing roller derby. We are committed to sporting behaviour, loyalty, camaraderie, and athleticism. We provide a safe environment that supports growth as athletes and as people.


The code of conduct for league members is in place to preserve the spirit of the sport of roller derby and to uphold a professional and positive environment. Exclusion, abuse, harassment, and discrimination are not tolerable in this league or sport.

All league members are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and professionally toward fellow league members at all times. League members are responsible to hold themselves accountable and are solely responsible for their own behavior.

The code of conduct principles applies not only to fellow league members and affiliates but extends to fans, volunteers, coaches, skating/non-skating officials, and members of other leagues.


League code of conduct

Fan code of conduct

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